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Yoga Links was born in 1990 and the original website launched on the Basant Panchami day of Saraswati Puja on 22 January 1999. This humble offering has provided resources and information services to yoga practitioners and centres all over the world since then.

It is yoga that links us, our common bond, it is yoga that unites.

Statement of purpose

It is the destiny of all humanity to awaken spiritually and to experience true, divine consciousness. Yoga Links is dedicated to communicating the yogic message to an ever broadening audience, ie helping to "take yoga from door to door and from shore to shore". There is no "this person's yoga" and "that person's" yoga. To think in these terms is to separate, compare and contrast, valuing one above another and denies the very essence of yoga, which is union.

It is important to value and respect our teachers and our lineage, but we can still work together, helping to spread the yogic vision to a world in need of unity, spiritual evolution and understanding.

Yoga Links continues to focus on spiritual development through the practices of personal sadhana, holistic healing, bodywork, tantra, and meditation. We also explore yoga therapy and related bio-medical research, and write about people who embody the yogic philosophy in their everyday lifestyles.   . . . more

Dedication Message

Congratulations to Swami Samnyasanand on this inauguration day of the Yoga Links WebPages. Swami Samnyasanand has worked for years to forge a bridge of links bringing us all together. He has untiringly contributed to the pursuit of excellence with his publication and produced a raft of communication in a world sunk in the mire of Kali Yuga. His myriad talents as a researcher, academic, editor, writer, photographer and teacher is an inspiration to us all. Yoga Links has become an international beacon for those who aspire to something more than mere "NearLife" experiences.

Hari Om, Swami Anandakapila Saraswati (Dr. Jonn Mumford)


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