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Chakra Vidya

Chakra means wheel, circle, cycle or vortex, while Vidya means knowledge or study. Chakra Vidya is the study of Chakras and their effects in one's life.

The Chakra Vidya products have been especially produced by The SATYA Foundation for the more advanced practitioners of the subtler aspects of yoga and are based on the ancient Vedic and Tantric teachings of India.


Chakra Vidya DVD  (PAL)
In Full colour - digitally recorded in Melbourne Australia

Based on ancient Tantric Meditation techniques from the teachings of Swami Satayananda Saraswati, Chakra Vidya is a powerful set of practices that can be used to achieve a very deep and relaxed state of inner peace as well as for advanced mental training & spiritual development. Suitable for more advanced practitioners. The DVD has two components. One is the film of the seminar presented as a teaching tool explaining details of and then exploring the Chakras in multi sensory mode, including pranayama and meditation. The second option is viewing the Chakra images by themselves so you can practice the meditations without scrolling through the DVD. Practices include Chakra Vidya, Bija Mantra Sadhana, Nadi Drishti, Chakra Anusandhana.


$35 includes postage to anywhere in Australia, or
$40(AUST) for the rest of the world.

SATYA@yogalinks.net (Bulk discounts available)

Featuring Swami Samnyasanand Saraswati.
Recorded live at the Padma Centre, Melbourne, Australia.

also see http://www.yogamag.net/archives/1980/6june80/krikun.shtml


Chakra Vidya Posters  
(A3 size) - full colour - digitally printed

*           Chakra Vidya 1                         

*           Chakra Vidya 2                         

*           Chakra Vidya 3

*           Chakra Vidya 4                         

*           Chakra Vidya 5                         

*           Surya Namaskara Poster 1         

*           Surya Namaskara Poster 2                 



$20 plus $8 postage anywhere in Australia, or
$30(AUST) for the rest of the world.

$15 plus $8 postage in Australia, or
$30(AUST) including postage to anywhere in the world.



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