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Chakra Vidya 1

Chakra means wheel, circle, cycle or vortex, while Vidya means knowledge or study. Chakra Vidya is the study of Chakras and their effects in one's life.

The Chakra Vidya products have been especially produced by The SATYA Foundation for the more advanced practitioners of the subtler aspects of yoga and are based on the ancient Vedic and Tantric teachings of India.

$20 plus $8 postage anywhere in Australia, or
$30(AUST) for the rest of the world.

$15 plus $8 postage in Australia, or
$30(AUST) including postage to anywhere in the world.


Chakra Posters  
(A3 size) - full colour - digitally printed

*           Chakra Vidya 1                         

*           Chakra Vidya 2                         

*           Chakra Vidya 3

*           Chakra Vidya 4                         

*           Chakra Vidya 5                         

*           Surya Namaskara Poster 1         

*           Surya Namaskara Poster 2   





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