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SATYA Foundation Scholarship for Medical Research

The SATYA Foundation promotes medical research into yoga, meditation and associated studies such as anatomy, physiology, psychology, philosophy, Ayurveda Jyotish etc. We also liaise with and/or support other persons and organisations with a similar purpose in order to mutually assist in the promotion and expression of the formal study of yoga in the wider community.

We are in the process of setting up a new SATYA Foundation Scholarship fund available to ANY eligible student enrolled in ANY Australian University.  The purpose of this new scholarship is to assist those eligible university students to explore medical aspects of yoga as part of their curriculum-based research program.

Eligible students shall be students of medicine, physiology, psychology, chiropractic or physiotherapy enrolled in any Australian university. The preference is for students from 3rd year and above, except for medical students who may apply in any year of their studies that allows for a yoga-based, research-project component within their curriculum. 

The new scholarship has a current value of $1,080.00 and is for those eligible students who wish to add yoga and/or meditation training as part of their curriculum. Applications for this Scholarship shall be made directly to the Trustees of the SATYA Foundation Trust.  For more information contact the trustees here.


SATYA Foundation Research Grant

Previously, SATYA provided grants for university studies into the benefits of yoga to encourage independent research only through the University of Adelaide (See below).  Applications for this grant must be through the University of Adelaide directly. The grant is to support the publishing of any yoga research that is curriculum-based, 3rd Year Medical Research Programs at the University of Adelaide.

Current funds donated for the existing award through the University of Adelaide shall be kept with that university, to be administered and awarded by them, however a new SATYA Foundation Grant will now be commenced that is open to any medical student enrolled in any Australian University. Applicants for the broader grant scheme will need to apply directly to the SATYA Foundation and the Trustees will administer the funds, making all decisions on any successful recipient/s.    For more information contact the trustees here.

If the successful applicant’s research paper is of a suitable quality they will be given a publishing grant, currently set at $300, to assist in the publication of their research paper. Criteria for a publication grant shall be to assist medical students to publish a research paper based on any medical aspect of yoga research for health and well being.

Curriculum-based research may also be considered from 3rd Year students and above in the Health Sciences field.

Our aims and intentions in awarding this grant are to assist these students to: 

1.       design and/or participate in research on live, whole human subjects.

2.       investigate specific and clearly described yoga and meditation techniques.

3.       explore the validity of various claims of benefits of yoga as a practice.

4.       disseminate findings and encourage publication in peer reviewed journals.

We therefore award the annual “SATYA Foundation Research Grant” to assist in publishing a manuscript that conforms to the above aims and is written in a format that conforms with "Instructions to Authors" for an appropriate journal.

  • The grant is to encourage and assist students to publish their research work. We prefer not to impose undue expectations or pressure by insisting that the paper be published before they receive the grant.

  • Submissions or data cannot have been previously published (except in abstract form only) and must be considered suitable for publication.

  • An acknowledgement in the publication of receipt of the “SATYA Foundation Prize.” The word “Yoga” or “Meditation“ should appear (preferably) in the title (and/or in the abstract) and key words section.

The grant is currently set at $300 and is awarded by the SATYA Foundation.

For further enquiries, please contact the trustees here..



This trust is formed and maintained in the spirit of service to community ( SEVA). It is not owned by or for the exclusive benefit of any individual/s or group, and is for the general benefit of the wider community.



The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit language meaning union or to join, or yoke together. Yoga is derived from the Tantric and Vedic traditions and was handed down in an oral tradition for millennia through an unbroken lineage of Yogis, Rishis and Seers who developed this science for the expansion and liberation of human consciousness.

Yoga neither encourages nor imposes any religious dogma or belief and can be studied and or practiced by any people of any faith or none at all. No particular faith or beliefs are required or denied, merely an inquiring and open mind.

Yoga is a science because results are predictable and measurable. The science of yoga is the fully integrated and systematic study of those yogic practices that affect the many levels of human existence, experience and expression from the more scientifically measurable psychological, physical and physiological aspects, but also including spiritual, cultural and other less easily defined or measured parameters that make up being human and seeking to more about extending the range of that experience.



An association to support the general aim of exploring and living life according to Tantric principles focussing primarily on exploring the scientific, therapeutic and general benefits of Yoga.

*Of particular interest is the study of the effects of Prana Vidya, Nadi Shodhan, Bhastrika, Bhramari, Pranayamas, Tratak, Kundalini practices, the Kriyas etc on the brain and autonomic nervous system as well as the medical benefits of Ayurveda and yoga for Asthma, Diabetes and such.

*The effects of Nadi Shodhan and other Pranayamas, and Tratak on brain function and hemisphericity, both in remedial work with brain damaged patients, and with cognitive enhancement in adults and children.

*Also how these practises help to balance brain and nervous activity.

*We will also liaise with other organisations and invite suitably qualified practitioners and speakers to forums, seminars etc.

* Establish a research and resource library for the collecting and publishing of information and research data.

*Publish a quality, scientific journal called: “Science And Tantra, Yogic Archives” (SATYA) published quarterly or bi annually to incorporate qualitative and quantitative research methodologies in scientific papers, articles, research data and appraisals, letters and discussions in response, plus information on various therapeutic and research centres around the world.

*Contributing members, and editorial staff with any area of specific or general interest can live anywhere in the world as this body is to support and serve all. Support staff and interested members do the work of collecting and printing information in South Australia with input from all over the world. Both lay and health professionals may join and contribute in some way other than writing articles.

*Linked with research and scientific organisations world wide via printed publications and via the Internet.




For more information, please contact:

The SATYA Foundation
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