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Anahata means unstruck sound and refers to the sound of a bell, made by stroking, not striking it. Anahata is the seat of psychic sounds experienced in meditation. It is the heart centre, the centre of creativity, love and emotions where love for both God and mankind come together in divine expression.

DEVI: Kakini. DEVA: Isha.

TATWA: Anahata is related to the air element (Vayu) and is associated with the sense of touch.

LOCATION: Anahata is located at the level of the heart where the sternum or breastbone is, but in the spinal column. It is sometimes visualised as being in the sternum where the kshetram, or mirror point, for this chakra is located and often used as a focus for Anahata in meditation. Anahata is also associated with the Kalpa Taru, or wish fulfilling tree.

BIJA MANTRA: Yam (Mentally pronounced Yum as in plum or audibly - Yung as in young)



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