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Mool means base, adhara means support or substrate. Mooladhara is the lowest of the chakras in the body, also known as the "Root Centre" and is the seat of the primal energy, known as kundalini shakti or sexual or spiritual energy.


DEVI: Dakini. DEVA: Brahma as a child.


TATWA: Mooladhara is related to the earth element (Prithivi) and is associated with the sense of smell.


LOCATION: The trigger point is different for men and for women. In males the trigger point is located just inside the body at the perineum, the place between the anus and scrotum. In females the trigger point for Mooladhara is located at the back of the cervix, where the uterus and vagina meet.


BIJA MANTRA: Lam (Mentally pronounced Lum as in plum or audibly - Lung as in sung)




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