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Radio and other interviews:
Click here for Judith Lucy's Spiritual Journey ABC TV (episode 5)  Look for my orange kombi (her name is Tulsi).
Click here for the most recent interview at Monash Medical School

Click here for  the 1st ABC Radio National Interview in Sydney April 3-5, 2009 at the Ayurveda Yoga Australia Conference with Rachael Kohn and the Spirit of Things on Science and Yoga.  Click on "Listen Now" or download the MP3 from here If you slide the marker along to timescale 16.00 mins then it comes on straight away with yoga and science.

Click here for the 2nd ABC Radio National interview in Melbourne on Oct 11, 2009 with Rachael Kohn on the Spirit of Things

Click here for an article on Pilates and breathing

YouTube videos:


Meditate09 Keynote Address:

Click here to listen to: "Meditation and Human Circadian Rhythms" June 20-21, 2009 at the Melbourne Conference Centre:  Hear about the neurophysiology of meditation and how living in tune with the rhythms of life can help you to live a longer, happier and healthier life. Explore how daily cycles of light and dark affect our heart, brain and nervous system as well as hormonal and immune systems. In this context different meditation techniques can increase the production and release of melatonin (a powerful anti-cancer agent) and help to balance and harmonise health.

Medical Research:



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