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Sahasrara is the thousand petal lotus - the highest of human chakras. Although not really a chakra, it is actually the place in the subtle body symbolising the threshold between the psychic and spiritual realms. It is more of a gateway than a chakra to higher experiences. Sahasrara is infinite in dimension and contains all the other chakras and psychic forms within itself. Experience of it is to have knowledge and truth.

ELEMENT: Sahasrara relates to pure Bliss.

LOCATION: Sahasrara is located at or centred above the crown or very top of the head at the front fontanel (where a baby's skull bones have yet to join and there is a soft depression of skin that pulses with each heart beat). It is often visualised as being a huge radiant dome, or a lotus flower that extends out and around the body in all directions as far as the inner eye can see with infinite petals of infinite colours bathed in white. Sometimes seen as white and sometimes as the whole spectrum of seen and unseen colours, refractive and resplendent.

BIJA MANTRA: Aum (Pronounced Om as in from - both mentally and audibly)




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