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Swadhisthana means one’s own dwelling place. It is the chakra, associated with the unconscious mind and is the storehouse of collective awareness of all samskaras & distant genetic memories. Related to the organs of excretion & reproduction.

DEVI: Rakini. DEVA: Vishnu.

TATWA: Swadhisthana relates to the water element (Apas) and associated with the sense of taste.

LOCATION: Swadhisthana chakra in the physical body is at the level of the pubic bone but actually in the coccyx, the spinal tail. Although usually visualised as being in the tail bone, some yoga practices require the kshetram, or the mirror point for each chakra, to be used & in this case it is the pubic bone at the front of the body.

BIJA MANTRA: Vam (Mentally pronounced Vum as in plum or audibly - Vung as in sung)



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