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Vishuddhi literally means purification. Vishuddhi is responsible for health, youth and longevity and is also known as the centre of nectar and poison. Some believe it to be where thought waves are received and then sent on to the brain. The sensation related to this chakra is cold, sweet drops of nectar dripping into it, causing a feeling of beautiful and blissful intoxication. Vishuddhi is important in Kriya Yoga practices.

DEVI: Shakini. DEVA: Androgyne Sada - Siva.

TATWA: Vishuddhi is related to the ether element (Akasha) and associated with the sense of speech and hearing.

LOCATION: Vishuddhi is located at the level of the adams apple in the throat, but centered in the spinal column. It can also be visualised as being in throat where the kshetram, the mirror point, for this chakra is located.

BIJA MANTRA: Ham (Mentally pronounced Hum as in plum or audibly - Hung as in sung)



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