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10 minute Yoga Nidra


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Every day thousands of stimuli are received by the brain and nervous system. Stress occurs when the brain is trying to keep up but is unable to handle all the information it receives, causing disharmony in our minds and in our bodies. Yoga Nidra relaxation simply and effectively enables you to take time out to relax and disconnect from the enormous input we have each day.

It works by mental rotation of awareness around the body in a specific sequence, which becomes subconsciously ingrained over time with regular practice. Breath awareness and cognition of bodily sensations and mental images in a constructed pattern lead to a very deep state of detachment and relaxation.

This sample Yoga Nidra relaxation is based on an ancient tantric technique called Nyasa Meditation from the teachings of Swami Satyananda. It is a powerful yet simple technique. All you do is listen and follow.

Anyone can do it and with a little practice you can achieve a very deep and relaxed state of inner peace by learning to let go of tension within the body and mind.

Yoga Nidra also leads to “Pratyahara” or sensory withdrawal, which allows a very deep state of peace and stillness within, where powerful healing can occur.

The benefits and value of yoga nidra have been known by yogis for ages and are now also being reported by doctors and scientists investigating the effects on the human mind and body. Benefits include: increased vitality, greater awareness, improvements in problem solving, deeper sleep, increased creativity, more harmonious relationships and generally a better sense of well-being. Research with EEG recordings while practicing Yoga Nidra show increased Alpha brain-waves, indicating deep states of relaxation and a deeper awareness of self.

If you are tired, stressed, angry or overworked then you definitely need Yoga Nidra. As the pressures and expectations of life increase, this simple technique enables you to keep pace with the world and allows you time to let go, to relax, recharge and revitalise yourself. This simple technique allows you time to let go, relax, recharge and revitalise yourself. 2002 Swami Sannyasananda BSc. (hons) (Pscyh, Physiol). FWSCY MWSCY


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"Cognition, Contemplation - Meditation."

Click here for the PowerPoint presentation
from the Yoga Australia Conference 2011.


Click here for  the 1st ABC Radio National Interview in Sydney
April 3-5, 2009 at the Ayurveda Yoga Australia Conference

with Rachael Kohn and the Spirit of Things on Science and Yoga. 

Click on "Listen Now" or download the MP3 from here

If you slide the marker along to timescale 16.00 mins then
I come on straight away with yoga and science.


Click here for the 2nd ABC Radio National interview in Melbourne

on Oct 11, 2009 with Rachael Kohn on the Spirit of Things



Click here to listen to the Meditate09 Keynote Address
Meditation and Human Circadian Rhythms
June 20-21, 2009 at the Melbourne Conference Centre: 

Hear about the neurophysiology of meditation and how living in tune
with the rhythms of life can help you to live a longer, happier and healthier life.
Explore how daily cycles of light and dark affect our heart, brain and nervous
system as well as hormonal and immune systems. In this context different
meditation techniques can increase the production and release of melatonin
(a powerful anti-cancer agent) and help to balance and harmonise health.



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Philip Stevens (Swami Samnyasananda)
BSc (Psych, Physiol) BSc (hons) (Physiol) MWSCY FWSCY
email: web:  OR

Consultant Neurophysiologist holding Science degrees in Psychology and Physiology, with a research based Honours degree in Physiology, completed at The Centre For Sleep Research at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in South Australia. He explores the effects of Meditation and Relaxation practices on the heart, brain and autonomic nervous system and runs seminars, retreats etc around Australia and overseas on various aspects of Health and Well-Being.

Certified Yoga Teacher, Life Member and Fellow of the "World Society For Clinical Yoga" (Lucknow, India) with over 30 years of experience in classes, personal tuition & clinical counselling in Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation and Stress Management (M.B.T.I. Accredited). Post-Graduate Certificate and Clinical Training in Mind-Body Medicine from Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA. Currently teaching and tutoring at Monash Medical School (Dept of General Practice) while completing research exploring the neurophysiological and neurohormonal effects of meditation techniques, pranayamas, and yoga breathing techniques for less stress and better sleep with industry support from Compumedics Australia. see

Personal Consultations, Education and Training in Health and Well-Being in four main areas: "Better breathing", "Better sleep", "Understanding and dealing with Stress" and "Gentle Yoga & Stretching". The work that I do involves education for the public, health and other professionals, various corporate and private clients on the neurophysiological mechanisms that help understand stress, sleep, illness, well-being, recuperation, health-management, etc. The techniques used are specific breathing and gentle yoga based interventions that most anyone can use to assist them at working and in life to get better sleep, less stress, more relaxation and better general health.

Telephone (03) 9589 2108




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