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Satyananda Yoga
The Satyananda Yoga tradition is an internationally renowned system of yoga also know as Bihar Yoga. It is named after Paramahamsa Swami Satyananda who taught how to adapt the practices of yoga to suit the needs of contemporary living. It includes all aspects including Hatha Yoga , Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Mantra and Bhakti Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and presents a integrative process applied to individual needs.

Satyananda Yoga does not postulate any political or religious beliefs. It provides tools for health, peace of mind and an inspired vision for people of all ages, levels of fitness and from any walk of life. is the international home of Satyananda yoga worldwide, (also known as Bihar Yoga) and is the home of many other yoga institutions such as. . .

YOGA VISION – Satyananda Yoga - Bihar Yoga
Emerging from the Yoga Vision of Swami Satyananda and his lineage, the teachings introduced here are a modern integral rendering of ancient yoga sources. This section introduces basic practices and concepts of Satyananda Yoga.

This famous institution was established in 1963 by Swami Satyananda. BSY offers the opportunity to experience yogic lifestyle in an ashram environment and is renowned for its sannyasa training and other specialized courses.

BIHAR YOGA BHARATI – Yoga University
Established in 1996 to raise the level of yogic understanding, the Institute holds courses in Yogic Studies, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Psychology, Yoga Ecology and Applied Yogic Sciences. Full details and application procedures are given therein.

Kaivalyadham Yoga Research Centre - LonavalaFounder of Kaivlyadhama

Swami Kuvalayananda's enormous efforts made the ancient discipline of Yoga more acceptable to the modern mind, trained on scientific and rational guidelines. It is a fact that due to his scientific work, Yoga became more widely acceptable and accessible in the field of health and healing. He ventured into a new field using entirely a new approach. He tried to investigate the effects of some of the Yogic practices on the human body with the help of some of his students, in the laboratory of Baroda Hospital, in 1920-21. His subjective experience coupled with the excellent results of these scientific experiments convinced him once for all that the age-old system of Yoga, if understood through the modern scientific experimental approach, would help greatly in the spiritual and material resurgence of the human society. This became his life's mission



Authentic knowledge of yoga, meditation and tantra. It's rare to find information that really impacts on our health and spiritual development. Big Shakti provides access to authentic teachings. Many authors have studied with great masters and have been initiated into profound systems of knowledge and healing. Their purpose is to share their knowledge with those who genuinely seek it. Sign up for their free regular eMagazine

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